Optimized Strategies for Risk Assessment
of Industrial Chemicals through Integration
of Non-Test and Test Information

ITS Webtool

SIMPPLE, Tarragona, Spain

The central software outcome of OSIRIS is the OSIRIS webtool. This tool guides in performing ITS on skin sensitisation, repeated dose toxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, bioconcentration factor, and aquatic toxicity.

For more information, please contact SIMPPLE.

OSIRIS Webtool


Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Department of Ecological Chemistry, Leipzig, Germany

ChemProp (Chemical Properties Estimation Software System) allows for QSAR estimations and structure related database retrieval. The OSIRIS webtool is able to directly access a locally installed ChemProp in order to retrieve information needed in the ITS.

The ChemProp OSIRIS edition is publicly available for free, based on bilateral license agreements. Information on ChemProp and how to obtain a license can be found here:


Gertje Czub, Elham Arbaban, Emma Undeman and Michael McLachlan, Department of Applied Environmental Science, Stockholm University, Sweden

ACC-HUMANsteady is a steady state (fugacity based) model of the bioaccumulation of organic contaminants

The basic inputs to the model are two of the three partition coefficients between air-water, octanol-water and octanol-air, the corresponding heats of phase transfer, degradation rates, and chemical concentrations in air, water, soil and sediment. It also has a built in Level I environmental fate model. This model is coded in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and runs within Microsoft Excel. The model has been developed and tested on a 32-bit version of Excel 2007 and on a 64-bit version of Excel 2010. The download comprises the Excel file containing the model, a guide to installing, starting and using ACC-HUMANsteady, and a detailed description of the model structure, the input parameters and the process descriptions in the model.


The download and use is strictly restricted to the conditions mentioned in the documents!

Department of Applied Environmental Science, Stockholm University Svante Arrhenius väg 8, SE-11418 Stockholm, Sweden

DTU Model Suite

DTU Environment, Department of Environmental Engineering, Denmark

The models for ionizable compounds were hosted on the website of Antonio Franco at DTU. There were Koc-models, the Multimedia Activity Model for Ionics MAMI, and the simulation model for ionic compounds in wastewater treatment plants, Activity SimpleTreat.

Models to uptake into plants and to bioaccumulation of ionic compounds had been placed on the website of Dr. Stefan Trapp at DTU. There were Plant Uptake models and the Cell Model.

All these models are implemented in Excel, and are accompanied by description and user instructions.

For more information, please contact DTU.


National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (NICPB), Tallinn, Estonia

E-SovTox is a database on main publicly available sources of toxicity data published in Russian language. For access to E-SovTox please contact NICPB.

OSIRIS Finished

The official end of the project was reached in September 2011. We thank all partners for their excellent cooperation. The public report giving an overview on the major achievements has been submitted to the European Commission. For legal reasons, please ask them in case you are interested in obtaining a copy. Please note, this news column will no more be updated.

OSIRIS Models and Webtool

ChemProp is publicly available and still being enhanced. A license agreement is necessary to obtain ChemProp
ChemProp: License agreement download

The OSIRIS webtool is no more available.

In general, information, downloads and links concerning software developed within OSIRIS can be found here:
Software overview